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Argentinian Traditional Food

El asado (The Barbecue)

Without doubt, what characterizes us is what we call “asado” (Barbecue). It can be cooked in different ways:Grilled: it uses vegetal charcoal for its baking. Cooking time is around one hour and a half or two. Generally, small cuts to medium are preferred and it is possible to eat it along with achuras (offals) and other cuts like chicken, pig, etc.

A Barbecue can be made al “asador”. In this case a fire is made on the ground or in a fire pit and surrounded by metal crosses of around 1, 30 mts (asadores) that hold the entire carcass of an animal splayed open to receive the heat from the fire. Generally this style is used for cuts of meat of about 10 kg and its baking is made with wood since the metal crosses are placed at 45 degrees on the fire and is the heat of the flame which cooks it. Cooking time is of 5 hours approximately. It is begun to cook on the side of the bones for three hours and a half, after this, it is turned over, to cook the fat side.

Next, we will refer to a list of “achuras” (offal)

  • Kidneys: They may be sprinkled with rock salt and make them with lemon juice.

  • Chitterlings: (large intestine), sprinkled with salt or with lemon juice. Barbecue for about 40 minutes or until they look golden brown on each side and crunchy

  • Sweetbread: (Placed at the beginning of the intestine – at the esophagus of the animals), one of the preferred offals by people and one of the most expensive dishes.

  • Chorizo: Sausage made out of meat and spicies

  • Black Pudding or Blood Pudding: Sausage without meat, filled with coagulated blood and spicies.

Chorizo, Sweetbread, Kidneys

“Empanadas” are a common dish served at parties, family reunions, or in national holidays.
Made out of ingredients, wrapped in pastry. These ingredients usually consists on beef, boiled egg, green olive, and even raisins. They might be prepared with cheese, ham and cheese, chicken, fish, “humita” (sweetcorn) or spinach. Empanadas might be baked, fried, salad or sweet. One of the empanadas with higher reputation in Argentina are the Empanadas from Salta (Province of Salta, Argentina)

Another of our typical food is the “locro” (stew). Typical stew, often served on May 25th (May´s Revolution anniversary)

Yellow corn
Chili Powder

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