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Mendoza has numerous attractive places to visit, in the south as well as in the north. Because of its variety of landscapes it is considered a tourist option for Argentineans and visitors; furthermore it counts with a lot of lodging options as for students to hotels up to five stars with casino.
When talking about Mendoza we can’t leave out the Aconcagua hill, where many sports can be practiced such as climbing, rafting and horse riding.At the end of March the National Party of the Vendimia takes place, there the national queen is elected and many carriages march in the main streets. Also other parties are celebrated in this province such as the Province Party of tourism in San Rafael in October, National Party of the tune in Tunuyan and in General Alvear the national party of cattle farming takes place in may.

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It is highest peak in America with 6962 meters above the sea level. There are different ways of climbing it, each with different rates of danger. In the “normal way” the hill is climbed through camping with resting parades. The main spots in the way are Campo Base, The Semaforo, Piedras Conway, Plaza Canada, Piedras de 5000, Cambio de Pendiente, Nido de condors, Berlin, Piedras blancas, Piedras Negras, Independencia, Portezuelo de los Vientos, Gran Travesía, La Canaleta and Cumbre del Aconcagua.
The other way much riskier than the normal is the Glacier of the Polacos, this approximates to the peak through the valle of las vacas. It is one of the most dangerous climbings. The first people to ascend the hill were the French Pierre Lesueuer, Adrien Dagory, Edmond Denis, Robert Paragot, Lucien Berardini y Guy Poulet

The caves

Its importance is because they were the last inhabitants to populate this route, which constitutes the main corridor of the Mercosur that connects Brazil, Argentina y Chile, through the Cristo Redentor tunnel. 9 km away of this population there is the monument to the Cristo Redentor.


It is located 38 km away from the city of Mendoza in the Andean Corridor; it reaches a surface of 1500 hectares with 14 km of length and almost 3 km of width. Its imposing presence plus the beauty of the landscape, the pure air, the weather and the mountains make this spot a great place to visit.


The high of this volcano is about 6650 meters above the seal level and it can be watched from the centre north valleys of Mendoza.

Las Leñas

It is one of the most important ski and snowboard centers in the country. It has 13 ways of elevation that allows visitors to access to 27 ski tracks classified in beginners, intermediate and advance. Some tracks are illuminated for night skiing.

Ski Route


Mendoza is the first national producer of wine and with the pass of years it acquired international fame.
Many of its variety of wines are exhibited in international halls being the outstanding ones the malbec, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, barbera d'Asti y pinot noir for red wines and riesling, semillon, chinin blanc, torrontés and chardonnay for white wines.
San Rafael is the main producer of wine in the province; it counts with famous winery such as Bianchi, Goyenechea y Súter among others.

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The Coast

Mar del Plata

Few cities around the World offer the diversity of options as Mar del Plata does, the main summer destiny of the country. The city receives 7 millions visitors during the year. On summer most of the South American theater shows are exhibited there.
The variety of hotels and gastronomy are the most outstanding things the city offers.
For the Golf lovers, Mar del Plata has 5 golf fields of international level and 4 clubs, the most luxury one is the Marayui located on route 11 km 15.

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On the Varese bay, one of the best landscapes of the coast, we can find the Torres de Manantiales Apart Hotel (, luxurious apartments each with a view to the sea. With a total of 190 apartments and duplex, includes breakfast and garage. Las nubes café, on the 28th floor, is the highest viewpoint of the city, ideal to watch the impressive view within music and drinks. Also the hotel offers its private club on the beach with more than 7 hec of marine rainfalls and beaches with cliffs, the club is located on the 17 km to the south; and also the spa of sea in which sea water is used for beauty and relax treatment.

To spend the night at a first level suite, nothing better than the Sheraton Hotel (, one of the 3 five Stars hotels in the city, the other 2 are the Costa Galana and The Hermitage. Here a luxurious suite for two persons costs around $822 a night, including hydro massage, breakfast and access to the exterior acclimatized pool.

The beaches

The baths of the south, passing the Light still being the top ones of the city, on the most sophisticated one is La Caseta (, It has everything to make you want to stay forever, you can play volleyball, paddle, also has pools for children, games, class gym, surf and a wi – fi room with computers. It is very common in this place to see sportsmen, famous singers and Stars of the theatre shows of the city.
If you wish to watch the city from the sea, the harbor offers trips on exclusive Yates and cruise which allows visitors enjoy the exceptional coast landscape, places as the Isla de los lobos, la base naval, los astilleros y la escollera del norte are part of this amazing view.


It is one of cities with level of Atlantic coast, located in the province of Buenos Aires, 340 km away from the city of Buenos Aires. The sea in Pinamar is worm due to the origin of its water is from brazil, the sand is clean and it has dunes and forests.
The temperatures vary according to the season. Because of Its landscape many activities can be done in this place such sports, long walks, excursions among many others.

San Bernardo

It’s the closest city to the city of Buenos Aires, it is one of the calmest places so it is great to go and relax. Generally adult people visit this place and the main activities are fishing, because of its huge deck, and safari races in the “Punta Medanos” beaches.

Villa Gessel

A city for visitors that look after wide beaches, warm sea, tranquility and informality. Most of the time is visited by young people because of the numerous disco clubs, parties and concerts.
The weather in this region is warm, in summer time the temperature rises up to 33º C .


This city offers beautiful landscapes with wide and modern beaches, it is a perfect place to enjoy with the family. The temperature range in summer time from 14º C and 33º C, at the night the pedestrian street is the main attraction because of its numerous shows, pottery markets and restaurants.


It is a mixed between private neighborhood, forest and beach, it a class calm beach that counts with a shopping center, a golf field of 18 wholes and tennis courts.

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